Kyle Hall - Equanimity

by Kyle Hall

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Solar Side A1: Katastematic Pleasure

Solar side A2: 4rwrd Motion

Lunar Side B1: No More Moon

Lunar Side B2: Ghosted 4 A Second X

Wild Oats proudly present the new EP from Kyle Hall entitled “Equanimity”. 2024 marks the 15 year anniversary of Wild Oats and its only fitting that we celebrate with a release from the label boss himself on tonight's new moon. Along with the engineering treatment from “Chicago's very own" (C.V.O.) deep house legend, Glenn Underground, "Equanimity" takes on a new foundational sound and assembly that inspires some philosophical thoughts below:

Katastematic Pleasure is the epicurean philosophical concept that the magnitude of pleasure reaches its limit at the removal of all pain. In a sonic sense, this connects to the idea of subtractive equalization or the removal of unpleasant frequencies i.e. taking away the part of the sound you don’t enjoy as much, in turn, leaving the pleasurable parts of the sound intact. Katestematic pleasure is about creating cleanliness and clarity in your life so that your experience is pleasurable by simply the virtue of being.

Solar/Lunar Duality: The Vinyl EP is divided into two planetary bodies. Side A — The “Solar Side” and Side B — “The Lunar” Side. The Sun's energy is one that is everlasting as long as its shining all that receives its rays will continue its growth and abundance. The Moon represents the nature of receptivity the feminine principle which captures the light energy of the sun and reflects it back and governs our physical natural cycles and tides of the waters both internally and externally. The cycles of the moon when we decide to to be attentive to its influence we start to know when to retreat when to rest , when to repair our selves and intuitively when to bloom express our vivaciousness and attract things to ourselves.

Music by Kyle Hall
"Katastematic Pleasure" Mix Engineered and Mastered by Glenn Underground
"No More Moon" Mixed by Todd Fairall
Mastered by Beau Thomas
Art Direction by Michio James
Notes and Thoughts by Kyle J Hall
Published by KMFH Music Works BMI